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Desk of Christopher Styles

All complaints should be taken to the Department of Internal Affairs

Christopher Styles
2 April
External Services:
  • under_secretary@livejournal.com
Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence

Name: Christopher Styles
DOB: 02-04-xx
Height: 5’9
Nationality: American
Party: Republican
Status: Alive
Occupation: Defense Attorney (Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence)
Arsenal: Sharp wits, good pay, Razr
Relationship: Married, March 09, 2008
City Arrival: August, 07, 2007
Critique thread: Here
4th Wall: Please do not break. Thank you.

Very ambitious, he enjoys the thrill of risk, believes that defending and improving the USA's position must be achieved regardless of collateral damage. Christopher relishes the covert nature of his job but beneath the tough, hard talking, confident surface is a man looking for approval and acceptance. He’s particularly aware of any politics in the City, and keeps on the constant lookout for anyone who may be willing or able to get him to where he wants to go. Feared by the lowest of his employees and oddly befriended by the others, he's not an easy man to pin down. He often has little tolerance for those he perceives as worthless or those he views as unintelligent. Shrewd, manipulative and harsh, he's often misunderstood as heartless. This isn't helped by the fact that he’s unwilling to show his emotional hand, even to those he trusts.

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